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  • Seven years ago we started breeding brown trout

  • Our activities are own aquaculture, transfer of breeding technology and fish farm designing

  • G2O d.o.o.  is a modern family-owned company based on a 35-year-old tradition

  • Teaching Center Naklo, Slovenia

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Fish Farming G2O

G2O d. o. o. is a modern family company, established within decades of family tradition.
It is based on the most innovative and high-technology aquaculture solutions, and our goal is to breed high quality fish. The company has two facilities, one for warm-water fish and one for coldwater fish.
In addition to the breeding of many fish species, G2O, d. o. o. actively analyses the needs of fish farmers, anglers and hobbyists with the priority of establishing close partnership.
Many years of experience, expertise and open attitude of G2O, d. o. o. are the foundations for successful consultancy, education and cooperation with fish farmers, anglers and hobbyists in Slovenia and worldwide.

Aquaculture on own farms

Our family started restoring the ponds in 1980. Due to the lack of natural resources (there are only 2.5 ha of water surface at our disposal and a small water source which dries up in summer), we have developed a technology of intensive carp breeding with yield achievement from 5 to 10 t/ha per year.

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Planning fish farms

In the search of technological and technical solutions for our clients, we think in the same way as in our own investments. We do not believe that there is an ideal technology, but rather that state of being unencumbered with the representation of individual technologies is prerequisite for success.

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G2O d.o.o. is a modern family-owned company based on a 35-year-old tradition. The current company has evolved from a small family pond with amateurish carp breeding prior to the company establishment. The founders of the company are Ninoslav and Danijel Gospić.

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  • Professional Designs 

    Design is our first priority factor in fish farm field

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Live Stream From Our Farms

Feature Video

Feature Video

  • Automatic Systems 

    Today an automate systems providing less working time, accurate results and great life events for fishes. Our interests is testing and improving these systems to provide our customer very easy tasks for their fish farms

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