Ribnjaci Kupa Ltd., Croatia (since 2011)

  • Recirculation for African catfish, capacity 100 t per year (operating since 2013)
  • The total energy consumption (including heating) is less than 1 kWh/kg fish
  • The average requirement for the presence of workers is from 1 to 2 hours a day
  • Hatchery for controlled spawning of warm water fish species (operating since 2011)
  • Planning and control of the construction of the flow-trough system for sturgeons (operating since 2012)
  • Technology transfer of intensive carp breeding
  • Supervision of the rehabilitation and equipping of ponds for the intensive carp breeding (operating since 2012)
  • Making a plan of processing facility (operating since 2015)
  • Management of the entire production (370 ha of water surface)

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