Designing of fish farms

Fish Farm Designing, Technology Transfer

In the search of technological and technical solutions for our clients, we think in the same way as in our own investments. We do not believe that there is an ideal technology, but rather that state of being unencumbered with the representation of individual technologies is prerequisite for success. A combination of technological and various approaches are the path to profitable aquaculture activity. The ultimate interest of the client is the only guide in the search for solutions, which could also result in investment discouragement, should we not believe in the project effectiveness. All our projects involve many experts from abroad, exchanging our experiences and knowledge, as well as basing trust on previous projects.

 Despite the fact that some of the solutions seem sophisticated, we believe that all of them meet the following criteria:

- Simplicity,

- Efficiency

- Security

- Economic efficiency, and

- Custom design.

We do not believe in type projects because the conditions of the market, the strategy of each company, the technological competence of staff, etc. are always specific, which is why G2O technology and technological solutions are always adapted to every particular situation. Regardless of the technical proficiency of the client's staff, all our systems function simply and efficiently, which is a prerequisite for making a profit.

 The company G2O offers solutions in the following activities:

- Controlled spawning of any freshwater fish,

- Breeding of any freshwater fish,

- Designing and constructing hatcheries,

- Designing and construction of teaching recirculation and aquaponic systems,

- Designing and construction of recirculation,

- Technical solutions in aquaculture,

- Designing and construction of ornamental ponds,

- Sale and consulting about the selection of aquaculture equipment,

- Sale and consulting about the selection of fish fodder.

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