G2O d.o.o., Slovenia, intensive carp breeding (in full operation since 2009)

- Designing and construction of 5 ponds with total area of 2.5 ha

- Hatchery for controlled fish spawning

- Yields from 5 to 10 t/ha

- Electricity consumption from 0.3 to 1 kW/kg produced fish

- FCR of the extruded feed from 1.5 to 1.7 kg per 1 kg of weight gain


G2O d.o.o., Slovenia, recirculation for brown trout breeding (operating since 2013)

- The refresment is water 7 l/s

- The total volume of tanks 500 m3, layout of facilities 600 m2

- Electricity consumption from 11 to 16 kW/h

- Feeding capacity 300 kg food/day

- The use of ozone, oxygen, computer-controlled monitoring and automatic control of the oxygen content in the water

- The average requirement for the presence of workers is from 2 to 4 hours per day

Ribnjaci  Kupa Ltd., Croatia (2011-2015)

- Recirculation for African catfish, capacity 100 t per year (operating since 2013)

- The total energy consumption (including heating) is less than 1 kWh/kg fish

- The average requirement for the presence of workers is from 1 to 2 hours a day

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- Hatchery for controlled spawning of warm water fish species (operating since 2011)

- Planning and control of the construction of the flow-trough system for sturgeons (operating since 2012)

- Technology transfer of intensive carp breeding

- Supervision of the rehabilitation and equipping of ponds for the intensive carp breeding (operating since 2012)

- Making a plan of processing facility (operating since 2015)

- Management of the entire production (370 ha of water surface)


PP Orahovica, Croatia (2013-2015)

- Technology transfer of intensive carp breeding

- Projecting  of hatcheries for controlled fish spawning

- Managing the entire production (2000 ha of water surface)


Trout farm  Plut, Slovenia

- Technological modernization of trout farm; enriching water with oxygen, the automatic regulation of the oxygen in water, the partial recirculation (without the use of biological filtration)

- Operational since 2014

Trout farm  Špegelj, Slovenia

Designing and control of the construction of the salmonide hatchery (operating since 2014)

Designing and control of the construction of recirculation for rainbow trout (operational since 2015)

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Teaching Center Naklo, Slovenia

Designing and construction of the demonstrational recirculation system (operating since 2013)

IMG_3768aquaponic Naklo

 School of Natural Sciences Karlovac, Croatia

Designing and construction of the demoinstrational aquaponic system (operating since 2014)


Trout farm Pirih, Slovenia

Construction of aquaculture equipment for hatchery (operating since 2013)

hatchery   hatchery 2

Bivalves depuration system, Prosub d.o.o., Slovenia

Designing and construction of depuration system for bivalves, capacity 10 t/day (operational since 2016)

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Ribnjaci Kupa d.o.o., Croatia; innovative system for super intensive carp farming (400t/ha), operational since 2016

Design of project, supervision, during construction, equipment installation and startup by G2O d.o.o.

System is new in Europe (probably also worldwide), it is based on small exchange of the water, automatic oxygen saturation regulation, automatic feeding (extruded feed) and on-line monitoring

- CAPEX is 0,5 - 0,7 EUR/kg produced carp/year

- 200 t/year/employee is labor demand

- about 1 kWh/kg produced carp is energy demand

- robust system, no need for highly educated stuff

- The waste water from the system is utilized in big ponds for extensive farming

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Ribnjaci Kupa d.o.o., Croatia; Sturgeon flow-through system (operational since 2016)

Water which supply super intensive carp farm is previously utilized for sturgeon farming. Sturgeons fingerlings are produced in own hatchery, which is indoor and it has about 50 000 fingerlings/year capacity.

The on-growing channel has the volume of 700 m3 at it will be covered, equipped with oxygen and flow sensors, automatically controlled aeration and alarming system.

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Zavod za biotsku raznovrsnost, Croatia (operational since 2016)

Design and equipment installation of RAS for institute needs: keeping and research of endemic fish species of Croatia, adaptation of endemic fish species for keeping in city aquarium (Kakvarium, Karlovac, Croatia)

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